Thursday, September 29, 2016

Time Travel - Musing on the Museum

Welcome my son, welcome to the machine
Where have you been? Its alright we know where you've been
You've been in the pipeline filling in time
Provided with toys and scouting for boys
You bought a guitar to punish your ma
You didn't like school and you know you're nobody's fool
So welcome to the machine

Pink Floyd
According to Raziel the population of this universe is finite but vast.  Untold trillions of time-travellers busily occupy/colonize the future. At Year 0, the moment time travel is invented, space is no more and there is only time.  Human culture will be completely absorbed and transformed by entities that resemble insects more than mammals which will spontaneously appear in their multitudes, dwarfing and engulfing our own population.  The astral entities described in previous posts by myself and others throughout the history of projection may not actually be insects they may actually be more like humans just wearing chrono-suits that have an insectoid appearance - maybe wings, chitin and complex eyes are necessary in navigating the time streams of the astral future?

This universe of my life, my experience of shared human history is a museum then, an eternal loop extending from the astral past to the astral future and linked to them by temporal pinchpoints that occur due to the invention of time travel.  The museum is frozen in time so that moment of invention cannot be altered and endanger the universe itself.  To what extent is this my life though? Is it simply the life of an another I am observing and forming opinions about?  To what extent did this life ever have opinions about itself or did it just simply behave? A museum exhibit where this external we fill in the gaps in consciousness?

In preparation for a planetary hyper ritual I started a little experiment on my smartphone.  Using the planetary calculator I started getting voice updates on when planetary hour shifts were occurring and I noticed that almost exactly at the hour subtle phenomena in my environment would sync with the shift. For example at one point I just had made a cup of tea and then for some mad reason plunged my hand into it to get the teabag out and squeeze, the blasted thing obviously burning my hand - I thought to myself, ''why the fuck did I just do that?'' - and then my phone said ''Mars time'' in its smug nasal tone.  Now obviously this kind of experiment is open to significant confirmation bias but its worth exploring anyway.  In the end though I switched it to silent (it got scary), backed away from the proposed ritual and resorted to using the calculator to time boost Mercurial and Jupiterian effects again.  But still it made me think more and more about what Raziel has been saying - I do seem to be caught in the mechanism of a clock, at least it feels like it. Intensely following this train of thought resulted in a day where I felt completely divorced from my actions, just watching myself do stuff that caused chaos and disruption seemingly powerless to prevent myself from doing it.  Obviously there are mental health issues at stake but if you're not messing around with your mind a little bit then you are definitely not doing this right, right?

The reason I say this is I realized at that moment that I might think I have control over my actions but really I might just be forming opinions [of my behavior and others] on the assumption that I am controlling my actions.  What do my opinions look like when I drop this assumption?  What would be my opinions of myself if I a) realized I had no power over what I was going to do next and b) that I was not even me?  How many entities could be looking out through these eyes, forming opinions about what this individual did and why they did it?  Am I just occupying this exhibit, looking through the eyes of a mannequin?  The late Vincent Bridges once told me that these entities, although they appear hostile to the sleep-paralyzed victim are engaged in sampling as opposed to anything truly malicious.  Sampling could be understood in two possible ways - sampling for science and sampling for taste - I don't think these have to be mutually exclusive.  Am I too, simply sampling and savoring?

I have entertained these ideas about magic for a long time i.e. that what most people consider to be magic is an egoistic opinion claiming ownership of what is actually prophecy or information gathering from a 4th dimensional perspective.  We have the classic evidence of doing magic to gain something and then getting it but realizing that it was sent before you did the magic.  The wonderful knots occultists tie themselves up in over this amuses me endlessly but its clear that these things are temporally entangled and that you are not the cause.   And that fact, that you are not the cause, is obviously terrifying to the fevered ego typical of the western magician.

 We have to bear in mind that you may not be yourself, that you, like me, like many others within you, are observers, maybe, as Empedocles put it, as exiles, in this Night at the Museum.  If that is the case then Exhibit A engaged in behaviour that appeared like magic and that it thought was magic at some point in the closed time-stream and thinking they were the cause claimed ownership of the effect - some entities occupying Exhibit A may agree with that position other entities may think otherwise and when they leave the exhibit, they leave with those opinions intact - what then do they do, where do those opinions go?  If there is any effect at all I think it determines what you are free to remember i.e. that Exhibit A was an asshole at that point, or that they were a victim of socialization, or that they were justified in their action being driven to it by the actions of some else - i.e. you can judge them and you can take those judgements away, I assume to the astral future, if, that is, you can escape the museum at all.* Or you can forgive both the exhibit and its occupants - after all its nobody's fault really.

Of course by that same logic this exhibit believes that it is engaging in some kind of prophecy mediated by a higher intelligence rather than magic and I am only free to form opinions about whether or not it was correct due to the fact that I am occupying it.  If I was occupying an exhibit that was just all about eating shit food, or obsessing over their hair, or thinking that they were altering the universe with squiggles then I'd only be able to form opinions about that.

Am I too fat?  Does my hair look nice? Does my squiggling change the course of the universe? These questions and others haunt my nightmares.

Welcome my son, welcome to the machine
What did you dream
Its alright we told you what to dream
You dreamed of a big star
He played a mean guitar
He always ate in the steak bar
He loved to drive in his jaguar
So welcome to the machine

Pink Floyd

*There are clearly flaws in these arguments and this is my fleshing out of Raziel's information as opposed to what Raziel stated - there is still much meat to be applied to this skeleton.  I am still missing key pieces of the puzzle especially regarding the astral past and possible ''war'' between the past and the future.

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

The WMT - In the Flesh

I was talking to an esoteric colleague last night, in the flesh, attempting to get him to apprehend the true nature of our reality.  Although people often intellectually recognize that they exist within their own mind very few people use this as the foundation of their realized experience preferring the delusional state of believing that they look through their eyes at the actual world.  When describing my experience of reality, cellular consciousness, in the flesh, I often leave people somewhat dumbfounded - he was shocked that I could live this way.

What people would consider their inner mind and physical body I consider and live as mental constructs inside a completely immobile bubble of physical awareness, perception and consciousness. Everything I observe around me, the shadows on the wall of the cave, are constructed out of the mental light of my mind. Although I can feel like I turn my head and body and observe different aspects of the bubble around me when I will this to happen what actually happens is the world turns around me as I am permanently locked forward, fixed in one position, looking at the holographic display in mind of so-called physical reality from some other vantage point within that same mind.  I have never directly experienced physical light only the mental light of my consciousness - I have never felt anything, I have only felt the feeling.  When I move, rather than the hamster ball of my consciousness actually moving, the world whirls through me, different images being shown on the inside wall of the ball.

This wizard had previously promised a demonstration of his magic, some manipulation of probability or the mind of another individual, but I informed him that this (form of magic) is only changing the nature of the images on that wall, nothing more (if even that - see below on the nature of time). Magic that does not take into its stride the structure of our consciousness/time described above and the truisms that go along with them, is simply a more sophisticated self delusion.

Outside of the cave (out through the tunnel) of this bubble of perception exists ''my'' higher mind, a shared world of imagination, an astral future full of incredible light, which bathes the cell of my consciousness alongside others and which is populated by astral entities (mostly insectoid) that seem to have a more involved understanding of reality and that are not always willing to part with their secrets.  It is an interstitial fluid, a bloodstream of time. Time progresses in this ball, I cannot stop the forward motion of time - but with extreme efforts of will it seems to be possible to peer into other parts of the time, to actually shift the shadows on the wall so that you see the shadows of 200 or 2000 years ago.

I tried to explain that once fundamental realities like the above have been embraced there are various practical upshots for the magician, if this is all very disturbing existentially. The structure of the magical temple can be permanently built into your hamster ball.  Just like the biological cell has various organelles which complete its metabolism so the bubble of consciousness can have its furniture and tools installed.  You don't need a temple room in the physical world persay because you are always in front of your altar and always standing on the pentacle, the light of the lamp is always over your head, and the four archangels always hover around you.

Someone once told me time is a flat circle.  That everything we've ever done or will do, we're gonna do over and over again.  And that little girl and that little boy, they're gonna be in that room again, and again, and again.  Forever.
True Detective, Nic Pizzolatto

Although the acceptance of truths like:

  • I do not move, the world moves through me
  • I always look forward
  • My bubble of perception is contained in the larger universe of my subconscious mind
  • The existence of the physical world and free will are massive assumptions
  • My mind is the only encounter-able reality
is accepting and experiencing reality on what I would consider a 5-dimensional level (i.e. from the observer's true perspective) rather than a 3-dimensional level (a fallen state where the observer considers themselves an actual physical object which looks out of their eyes at the actual physical world), the bridge between those experiences, i.e. the dimension of time, is what fascinates me the most and seems the most difficult to resolve.  Some of the more difficult realisations that I have had to accept (from conversations with Raziel) are:
  • There is no absolute free will, no ''magic'' and therefore only prophecy
  • Free will consists of the ability to select from a very finite number (approx. 14 variations) of possible universes which involve ''me'' and to form opinions about myself and the world, i.e. free will is the ability to criticize
  • Most (99.9999...%) universes are dead or unrealisable
  • Only universes where time travel exists cohere
  • This timestream is effectively a museum closed off to protect the invention of time travel
  • Any number of entities may be viewing through my exhibit at any given time, and forming different opinions and I may be one of those entities
  • The future already exists, is the astral plane, and is entirely populated by time travellers (the past is probably very similar but I have not had this confirmed)
  • Space does not exist in the future, or past, only time
The individual I spoke to last night seems fairly typical of the modern esoteric community - a self appointed uninitiated chaos magician of the type where the term is really being used as an excuse for dabbling and creating a pick and mix salad bar of fairly primitive magic fundamentally based in the delusional/egotistical alteration/manipulation of probability/other individuals via strange attraction with a sense of exceptionalism and unique destiny who occupies the delusional state of 3d thinking the vast majority of the time being unaware that this is a mere sliver of the possible reality they can be experiencing or occupying.  Of course this is not to disparage all chaos magicians, only those of that type.

Although these realizations seem fatalistic/pessimistic at first glance, especially to the individual mired in matter and mortality, I don't believe that to be the case.  The giving up of illusory freedoms and notions of the self opens up an entirely different universe and source of meaning.  The concepts of Year Zero and the Astral Future are ultimately optimistic.  The mental light of the temple lamp becomes eternal and omnipresent in your cell of consciousness. In this 3d universe of delusion this perspective inevitably leads to a philosophy of forgiveness (of the self and the other) as by far the most sensible/rational critical position for any observing entity to adopt.  It becomes clear that this museum of life is the necessary sacrifice to preserve the true freedom to dream.

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

The Tree of Life - Soil, Husks, Shells, Microorganisms

The Tree of Life when rectified according to the rule of 3, 7 and 12 is incredibly effective in increasing the specificity of your magical activities.  Classification systems should not be entirely discarded they should be criticized for inconsistencies.

Where is the soil on the Tree of Life?  There is the red, iron rich soil that the life breath was given to in order to create Adam and there is also the Qliphoth, the World of Shells or Husks. The notion that the Tree of Life is rooted in the World of Death and Decomposition is not a hard leap of understanding to make, but we must acknowledge that this soil is animated by all manner of creatures from worms to bacteria (the decomposers) that also contain the Tree of Life (in the form of DNA) and that all the husks that make up the soil were created by previous organisms animated by the Tree of Life (in the form of DNA) - their fecal matter, their bodies etc.

Instead of talking about the husks more generally, when we talk about a Tree of Qliphoth, the distorted reflection of the Tree of Life, we must be very clear in its use as it can be misleading.  It is sensible to classify diseases with the centres that they afflict (various types of Qliphotic microbes might specifically affect the liver, or the genitals or the brains) as this way we can more effectively target our medicine but we must not forget that although various afflictions may be horrific from our perspective, such as the lifecycle of malarial parasites or toxoplasma gondii, from its own perspective the organism is simply going about its ordinary business.

Dirt is good, you should roll around in it from time to time or you''ll get autoimmune diseases. Demon slaying angels with nothing to fight can start corrupting the healthy body.  Exercise some caution though you don't want this.

Nature will happily kill you.

Sunday, August 28, 2016

The WMT - The Astral Plane II

I think some of the problems with developing an astral body are that people are trying to run before they can walk and give up rapidly when they fail.  In the Sefer Yetzirah we are taught to gaze into the mysteries and the following exercise, an enrichment of earlier posts, is to develop your astral eye(s) as opposed to your astral body

  • Lie on your back, looking directly up at the ceiling, breathe rhythmically, steadily and deeply, hands folded on your stomach or down by your sides
  • Do not do this when you are completely exhausted, it may spur lucid dreaming but this is not the aim 
  • The Devil's Hour is the best time but this ''hour'' will vary depending on your own circadian rhythm - if you go to sleep at midnight then around 10-11pm
  • Actively search the darkness of your mind, focus on keeping your eyes on gazing into the darkness, which may or may not be pixelated

  • It may help to visualise that you are pulling yourself up on a rope, this rope runs straight through the middle of your mind, do not try to visualise hands pulling on the rope it is your mind that is pulling on the rope and remember to pull from the centre and back of your mind as opposed to the front, i.e. use the pineal and cerebellum not the frontal cortex
  • At this point you will fail if you start thinking instead of looking, the thoughts will be egoic babble about work, health, relationships, etc, you will notice that when you start doing this your eyes will drop in the socket as if you are looking down, this is because rather than gazing out towards the astral you have started to analyse yourself, analysis is bad and will foil your attempt
  • Direct your eyes back up and try to keep them mostly central but don't worry if they move around focusing on and searching out different elements that appear in the darkness
  • After a few minutes of uninterrupted gazing you will see coloured blobs and/or patterns appear in the darkness, keep looking at them allowing your eyes to focus on one as it appears and then another one as that one dissolves, keep gazing and searching though, you are not there yet

  • Patterns do not always appear but sometimes you can be presented with a very organic and intelligent tesselated pattern which appears to shimmer and ripple, this is a very vivid apprehension of the membrane, feel free to enjoy it but you are going to go past that
  • After the colour you will see flickers of what appears to be natural light, this light is different from the coloured blobs which are like semi luminous paint
  • The light will appear in a variety of different ways, it might seem like as if through a skylight, or a reflection of strong light from a patch of river or a shining coin in the hot sun, the reason the light appears this way is because it is coming through gates in the membrane, on the other side of the gate is a lot more light
  • The thing to do at this point is to keep searching and gazing as your facial muscles particularly the muscles around the eyes are acting as your mode of propulsion - as the light from the gates appears gaze if they disappear then search again
  • After a few moments of this you will reach a gate and be able to look through it, this is a window on to the astral and you will, depending on where you are at, see some terrific scenery, architecture and creatures
  • If you now focus on something in that astral, again using searching and gazing, you will move towards that thing

  • If you are having a genuine astral experience then you will probably be rapidly intercepted by some kind of being (typically this seems to be insectoid, in my case the majority have been butterflies) that will ask you questions which you will fail to answer and result with you being kicked off the astral
  • Whether you choose to see this plane as an actual place, or your higher mind and source of your imagination, or the realm of the future, or all three intermixed the fact remains that we are not really supposed to be there for a variety reasons - either we are imprisoned/exiled on Earth, or we are not responsible enough to be there, at least as conscious and egoic agents, because we might interfere dangerously possibly with the functions of our own brain

  • Don't worry too much about personal dangers the whole realm is very heavily policed for whatever reason from the New Age Gnostic pantheon of ideas you select and you''ll just get kicked out not brain-fried entirely - the point being that you can keep having a crack at it and you will get better at the process of getting on the astral plane
  • Staying on the astral requires the manipulation of various keys/letters to give to the beings and gain their favour, protection, but in order to deploy them you will need to be able to carve the astral into these forms, which is an exercise for later
  • If your practice is limited to the deployment of shrines, sigils, spells etc for worldy effects which constitute probability surfing you are merely scratching the edge of the mysteries and you need to include more work like the above in your efforts

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

The Quarry of Magic Strange


The visual metaphor of the folded paper stabbed through by the pen has been used by many films, TV shows that have wormholes as part of their conceit.  The dimension traversed by the wormhole is percieved as a heavy darkness, possibly filled with nightmares that may bleed into this reality and which provides a way of bypassing time and an instantaneous bridge for the senses, or the entire physical body - a secondary and orthogonal time dimension, anti-time, the reversiverse and in Stranger Things the Upside Down.


Myself and my sister are both capable of use of this dimension for remote viewing, telepathy etc implying some kind of genetic element - my sister has followed a different route mainly transcendental meditation as opposed to my more formal academic and Qabalistic approach and she is now a professional psychic.  When I was younger, around eleven, I used to imagine creating psychic routes to other people by tunneling through this dimension, implying some kind of solidity to it.  During my archangel work in 2001 Uriel showed me this dimension by opening a portal in the back of my fireplace quite like the scene from Stranger Things where Winona Ryder is smashing a hole in the wall.  Numerous journeys to the astral have featured a highly viscous black gel. This material of anti-time, once quarried, can be hewn and held - important exercises in the Sefer Yetzirah teach us to carve letters from this void and weigh them.  Holding a freshly quarried letter in the mind is a bizarre experience - vision is synaesthetically mixed with feeling or touching the heft and shape of it.  When brought back this nugget of anti-time will create a specific Kingship or impression as it reacts with time and disipates into the phenomena it causes.

In my opinion a lot of the failure to develop psychic abilities falls on the fact that many are trying to develop them or deploy them in the wrong area of the brain, the whole notion of putting two fingers to the temple and willing with the front of the brain is extremely misleading.  You need to use the back of the brain and you need to learn to achieve effects through pulling rather than pushing - pull towards, or pull up (to the astral - like a cable ferry).  This is not disimilar from the more mundane magic of strange attraction be it through altars, sigils, etc they also work by pulling.  The back of the brain i.e. the cerebellum with the pineal being the front of this brain could be considered to be the access to ''11'' and the Will, (Ratzon, Kether) or ''1'' could be said to be the frontal cortex - substantial interference between the two is caused by the ego.  


That Will is abducted and Eleven released in the beginning of Stranger Things is suggestive of the relationship between these two brains.  Often the Will, misguided by the ego interferes with the use of psychic powers - as the seat of executive control it is mainly concerned with stopping or preventing behaviour.  That the psychic needs to be egoless or submit to a higher power is an idea we see throughout esoteric mysteries - for example a medium channeling a spirit needs to empty themselves or a Kabbalist is one who is an empty vessel capable of reception.  In order to achieve this in government funded black operations where the individual prisoner is unwilling to surrender the ego it could be smashed with trauma based mind control in order to unleash this inner Eleven of magic*.  Regrettably the nightmares of those individuals may then bleed into reality.

*This character also speaks to the notion of the Fallen Daughter who lies atop the Shells (Qliphoth).

Friday, August 12, 2016

Raziel - Speculation on Silicon Trees, Enlil vs Enki and the Past

Apparently There are No Forests on Flat Earth.  Are flat-earthers, hollow-earthers and nut-shell earthers all completely insane?  Maybe but nevertheless this was amazing food for the imagination.  Faerie forests of the ancient earth with giant silicon trees and mushrooms that reached up way above the clouds and sheltered country sized ecosystems in their branches?  It makes me speculate on what Raziel's revelations about the future mean for the past.

In earlier communications Raziel has insisted that time travel is also invented in the past as well as in the future.   There are two simultaneous inventions that serve to create the pinchpoints that close off the present time stream in order that the events leading to the invention of time travel are not tampered with in any way.  Remember that apparently universes that do not invent time travel do not cohere at all.

In order to get your head around the invention of time travel in the past you need to understand the concept of reverse causality or retrocausality, that the future creates the past.  As a magician one way to approach this would be to consider that an egregore, apparently built from our thought-work, in fact causes us to exist not the other way around.  In this way though the ''Gods'', as time travellers, live in ''the future'' they can effectively ''create'' us.  Raziel stated that the events in the past cause the future as much as the future causes the past therefore two points of invention are necessary.  In light of the above video and what Raziel was saying about the post-invention world, where time is treated like space and looks a lot like the astral, might not our ''past'' also be ''astral'' too.  If beyond the pinchpoint with the past, we open into another kind of astral plane then I see no reason why it could not be occupied by outlandish cloud busting silicon trees and pulsating mountain sized cosmic mushrooms.  I mean, why not.

My own connection with our more immediate past in Sumeria is becoming ever more clear to me.  The Tigris-Euphrates region, and my vision of the Metabolism of Time are closely connected - from the mountain range in the north to the delta in the south and the Tower of Babel just below the kink of the rivers.  It is clear that various geographical, archaelogical clues have been encoded in the vision alongside the physiognomical material - for instance the possible site of a crashed disc and also a city that sunk beneath the marshes.  I assume that the 1890s graphic filter is derived from my previous incarnation.  I have pointed out in an earlier post that the shape of the Tree of Life closely resembles the structure of the region of Sumeria especially when you supplement the main river system with the network of paths and roads that would have existed between the cities.  

My summer reading has included both We've Never Been Alone by Paul von Ward, an account of the advanced beings (ABs) that have shaped our world, focusing mainly on the Annunaki alongside an excellent concise scholarly work called Mesopotamia by Gwendolyn Leick which looks at the history of the region using the cities - Uruk, Nippur, Eridu, Lagash, Shurrupak etc as its focus.  Although I think the ufo community makes a great number of leaps of faith on the actual history of the Annunaki, there are so many gaps in the archaeological record (alongside bizarre things like being buried with models of little lizard men) that I don't see why there should not have been some alien or time travel involvement somewhere in the mix.  Although the pinchpoint with the past could be millions of years ago it could also be relatively recently trapping us in an almost biblically sized closed time stream.

There seems to be this bias against Enlil in the Enlil vs Enki discussion - the premise being that Enki wants humans to have advanced technology and acts as a kind of Lucifer or Prometheus figure and that Enlil wants to deny them the goodies.  The thing is when we hear accounts of saucers switching off nuclear missiles I kind of think they prob. should be switched off, that maybe human beings are not ready for the tech or in fact would pervert it to violent ends.  I am as eager for the truth as any esoteric aspirant but I can see both sides of this argument.

I am rambling now and this post is speculation anyway as I have not asked Raziel the relevant questions about the structure of the past yet - although it seems to stand to reason to me.  I really recommend the video There Are No Forests on Flat Earth it is as bizarre as it sounds and if you can't stomach this kind of fantasy you are probably in the wrong subject area.

**Bear in mind the relationship between the Brickwork and the Sefirot.

Saturday, August 6, 2016

Raziel - Time Travel and the Future

As you know I have been working with Raziel on the subject of time travel.  In previous messages, I was informed that basically this timestream is closed because if you were to be able to change any events in it then you could possibly interfere with the invention of time travel. This means that this timestream is entirely determined with serious implications for ''magic'' (there is some selection possible but only those universes whose decisions aggregate in the invention of time travel are realisable).  It can be observed from the future, but not interacted with in any way.   ''The future'', i.e. the period after the invention of time travel is, from the perspective of a time traveller, treated like space and ''colonized''.  The next piece of the puzzle was this message which after unpacking seems to complete the model of the future.

''At the moment of the *invention* of time travel, trillions of people will instantly appear.''  - Raziel
This moment of invention is Year 0 and since time is space in the ''future'' it is effectively a kind of Mecca, a *place* that everyone wants to visit, bearing in mind that you can't interfere/interact with anything before this. After a clarification question on the period of time necessary for the proliferation of time travel technology Raziel stated that this doesn't happen. From the moment of invention, all the future is colonized already.  What would it be like to be some random individual in Year 0, with trillions of freakin' time travellers spontaneously materializing and then I assume just enveloping and absorbing our entire culture? Also what would it be like to be the person, or people who ends up inventing it? They think they are going to be famous and then are instantly mobbed!  I think although some people will hold it together and join them, but the vast majority will just go insane and our culture will be over.

What does this future look like where time is treated like space? According to Raziel it looks like the astral plane, the implication being that the astral is the future - this seems to support the temporal entanglement theory of occultism that some of us have been working on.  Raziel was keen to make clear that the there is a not a period of time where new time travellers are staking out claims over various epochs playing out a kind of gold rush over the vast millenia as this is already done.  The structure that subsists in the astral future is based on archetypes and seems to play into a polytheistic reality.  Again like in the present there are vast super voids of uninhabitable time in the future. 

I speculate that universes where time travel is not possible do not cohere at all, time travel provides the pinchpoints, or twists that hold universes together and separate them into three distinct realms - past, present, future.